Hej. My name is Damon Carlstrom

A seasoned Product Designer navigating the digital seas from my remote workspace. With over a decade in the field, I specialize in transforming complex challenges into simple, intuitive solutions that delight both users and businesses.

Over the past 11 years, my product design journey has navigated varied landscapes, from the specialized world of enterprise software to the dynamic realms of B2B and B2C SaaS markets. My extensive experience in these different sectors is complemented by an ever-evolving creative edge. Always ready to explore new horizons, I've recently been delving into AI-driven design tools and AI-assisted design workflows.

When it comes to 'T-Shaped' expertise, I bring both breadth and depth across various design methodologies and leadership paradigms. Proficient in both design-thinking and systems-thinking, I excel at distilling complex problems down to simple, inuititve solutions.

While not my main focus, I've also spent professional time in other areas such as front-end development, research & analysis, and 3D motion graphics and animation. This diverse skill set has not only enabled me to adapt and contribute effectively in various roles but has also been genuinely enjoyable to continue learning new tools and skills.

In short, I thrive on solving complex problems and embracing new learning curves—two passions that make every project an adventure worth having.

Recent Achievements

  • Pioneered connected vehicle product design: Led a design team in executing the product vision for North America's first production-grade connected vehicles platform, contributing to consistently high UX metrics with 80+ SUS and 3.5+ CES scores. (Role: Head of Product Design, Panasonic)
  • Directed award-winning CES product showcase: Managed creative vision and stage execution for Cirrus by Panasonic’s CES 2020 showcase, earning Innovation Awards in Vehicle Intelligence & Transportation and capturing global attention and visibility. (Role: Head of Product Design, Panasonic)
  • Accelerated IoT product launch: Pioneered product design in a greenfield IoT initiative at Panasonic, going from concept to a viable MVP, accelerating market entry and positioning us well within new B2G market in just seven months. (Role: Senior Product Designer, Panasonic)

Clients & Employers